8/9. Helping Mums Cover their Baby Bums

8/9. Helping Mums Cover their Baby Bums

Mommin ain’t easy! Most of the time I am impressed with myself for remembering to put on deodorant. When you are sleeping 5-6 hours (not consecutively) a night, you would be impressed with yourself too!

Here is the thing, babies be pooping and peeing all.the.time. That means a lot of moola going to diapers each month and according to the Calgary Food Bank, 1 in 5 Canadian moms can’t afford clean diapers for their babies. I understand the physical, mental and emotional toll that comes along with being a mom and when you add in the financial aspect of it all…well it can just be all around tough. Becoming a mom has opened up my eyes to see the world from a whole other view. Especially, my mom. Managing one baby is hard enough, she had six…yes SIX! SO acts 8 and 9 are combined as they both have to do with helping out mamas with diapers.

Every Bit Counts!

Number 8, I kept it really simple and I placed some $3.00 off pamper coupons in Walmart. The best part is that I did a roll by on my way out and I saw a mom taking one of the coupons! It sure does make ya feel good!

Number 9, was inspired by the charity, Bare Bums in Calgary. http://www.calgaryfoodbank.com/bare-bottoms-diaper-drive/This charity collects open packages of diapers and disperses them to moms in need through the Calgary Food Bank. We seemed to have a surplus of diapers that we didn’t have a chance to use so it is a wonderful cause that I get to donate these opened packages too! When you become a mom you become a part of a tribe that extends throughout the world. Families who receive these packages are likely going through some hard times, so I also asked some moms around the globe to write a little note, which have been placed into the diapers and will be randomly found. Hopefully these words of love come at a time when a little extra support is needed. A kind word can go a long way!

Hello Mumma.

When was the last time someone said hello, and really asked how you were going? How long has it been since you answered honestly? With your whole truth, not something disguised behind a laugh or rolled eyes. Have you been able to share how you are feeling without guilt tightening throughout your chest? Neither have I, it’s okay. You are doing your best, we all are. But none of us are perfect. (No, not even Beyonce).

As mums we all have someone who thinks we are though. That little person loves you entirely for who you are. No reservations. No buts (except the chubby one you pinch and wipe several times a day). That little human, with their perfect eyelashes, and delectable toes loves you no matter what.

Let’s love each other the same way, and help bring each mum into the sunshine at the time they need it. No judgement, just love and understanding. We could use a little bit more of that in our lives (along with cake, baby giggles, and six hour sleeps).

Sent with Love From Australia


What a journey we are going on.

I love you very much!

Your strength throughout, I have felt.

The rhythm of your heart, calms me.

Safely tucked into your arms, I can dream.

A voice I have heard for nine months, is my favorite song.

Your laughter is contagious, giggle with me.

Your fierce determination and love, makes me grow with the same.

I trust our journey. It will unfold, in all its wonder, as we move along this path we are on together. We are so loved, you and me. With the natural flow of life, its ups and downs, turns and detours, we will carry that love we have for each other through it all.

For that I am grateful from the start, to call you MOMMA.

Your loving CHILD. 💜

Sent with Love from USA


Being a Mom is the greatest gift

No one in the world can work 24/7…no, there is one, that’s MOM!

No matter how tough the life is, when I see my child’s smile, it gives me energy to recharge.

Sent with Love from Hong Kong

To a special mom:

Hello from Mexico. I just wanted to tell you to enjoy every moment with your son/daughter as time goes very fast. Have patience with them and confidence in yourself.

A hug, Eva Luz Camacho

The Purse Strings…$0

Just Because…sometimes all people need is a little extra help and a kind word.

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