6. A Click of a Mouse, Could help to Rebuild a House

6. A Click of a Mouse, Could help to Rebuild a House

I know I know, I’m waaaay behind on this past weeks post. I am just getting over a summer plague and only beginning to think kind of straight. Being a mom is hard. Being a sick mom, taking care of a sick teething baby is even harder, sleep is NOT overrated. Oh 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep I miss you, one day I hope to meet again. I will say that there is one positive of being sick, my normal blood hound nose could hardly smell the diaper genie…parents out there, you know what I am talking about.

Okay so on to this weeks act of good! Since I have felt like a walking germ incubator, I thought it best to stay out of public and decided I wanted to put my Aeroplan miles to work. Anyone who is reading this and does not belong to some kind of travel rewards program…GET.ON.IT. There is so much you can use reward miles for, we personally use them most for flights to hot destinations to escape our frigid winters…terrible right?

I have never actually donated miles so this was new for me. To spread the feeling of happiness, I asked someone else  to pick the charity  that they wanted to donate miles to. Aeroplan has a good list of charities to choose from, something for everyone. With all the disasters going on, I couldn’t have been happier to help out our neighbours to the west and donated 1000 Aeroplan miles to Home Hardware, which is using all miles to help rebuild the affected areas…a wonderful cause. PLUS Aeroplan always does a 10% top up so in total 1100 miles was donated! PLUS for this particular cause, Aeroplan together with Home Hardware is matching member donations up to 500,000 miles. Its hard to give an exact value to a mile, but thats over $10,000 each. A HUGE win all around! That kind of felt like an infomercial…hey if it gets more people to donate, I’m totally good with that!

With over 894,000 hectares being burned and surpassing$315 million in costs, Global BC has recorded this as the worst year for fires in BC.

So many people have lost so much, the pictures of families looking over the remains of their homes is heart breaking. Yes it is only stuff, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. People have faced some pretty scary situations as well. This YouTube video shows a couple fleeing the fires. At one point it gets so dark you would think it was night time https://youtu.be/860OpMy8kYc

My heart goes out to all of those affected. Hold those you love a little closer and be thankful everyday for all that you have.

The Purse Strings…1000 miles, which really is nothing additional out of my pocket. So I say this cost me $0.

Just Because…with a simple act of donating some miles, you can help bring some hope to those in despair.

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