5. Everything is Better with Cheddar

5. Everything is Better with Cheddar

You open up an old purse and there beside that lip gloss you have been missing forever, is a forgotten $5…SCORE! I get just as excited if I find a loonie in a winter jacket, finding money unexpectedly is awesome. It makes you feel instantly wealthier! I know I am not alone in this. Something so small and it brings so much happiness. I actually found $5 in an old purse this past weekend, which inspired me for this weeks act.

Appropriately, I have some Lucky brand jeans that I have been meaning to donate. So inside the pocket I included $5 a.k.a cheddar..ah..ah get the title now? Easy Peasy. I am sure that whoever finds this money will be pumped and this required very minimal effort. New Jeans and $5 bucks!

$5 foot long, a coffee, transit pass…hopefully it brings them happiness for whatever they decide to use it for.

The Purse Strings: $5

Just Because…something as small as finding money in a pocket can turn someone’s day around.

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