4. Scoop Da Poop!

4. Scoop Da Poop!

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you…

Ever find that, ‘The Smell’ song by  Lynyrd Skynyrd, pops into your head when you are trying to locate the source of an unpleasant aroma? Well if not, you probably will the next time!

That’s a Real Load of Brown Bananas!

I love getting home after a nice walk and realizing that I have poop on my shoe….said NO ONE EVER! As Peter Griffin would say, ‘It really grinds my gears!’ SO this week, I spent a couple days cleaning up the main pathway that my dog and I like to walk on. I picked up 20 Poops over two separate days!!

This week was for:

  • Anyone who has ever had to share their vehicle after their dog has rolled in poop. It’s one of the only times you will see an owner and their dog hanging their heads out the window together. This is Olive. Her perfumes of choice are Eau De Coyote Turd and Eau de Cow Patty. Seriously, look how happy she is with herself, I’m quite certain that’s a smile. I can assure you I was not smiling when I had to wash this off of her;

  • Anyone who unknowingly had poop on their shoe and spread it in their car, around the house etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Anyone who has a dog that likes to eat other dog poop. Luckily, Olive does not do this, we did have a stretch when she was her own treat factory. Mmmm crunching n’ munching. You’re propbably thinking ewwww, well try smelling their breath after when they come in for a kiss…its enough to make you barf. Fun fact the term for eating feces is , Coprophagia (cop-row-fage-ee-uh). You can pull that one out at your next dinner party.
I hope that by spending a little time cleaning I will save someone the trouble of dealing with a $h!tty situation. Also, I have found myself without a bag a couple of times…you just really hope your dog doesn’t need to do their business. SO I put out a self laminated sign and some bags to hopefully keep the pathway a little cleaner and to help someone out if they find themselves without a poop scoop.
The Purse Strings: I buy my poop bags in bulk, so donating a roll cost approximately $1.57. All other materials used were in my arts and crafts box.
Just Because…picking up a poop may prevent a good day turning into a crap one….I can’t resist the puns.

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