3. A Friend In Need, Is a Friend Indeed.

3. A Friend In Need, Is a Friend Indeed.

Pet owners do some pretty crazy things when it comes to their furry legged friends, and I am one of them! I would do anything for my pup Olive and I know I am not alone. Just look at my dogs diet, she eats better than me: Elk, Goat or Duck Patties with a hint of either hemp or coconut oil and sprinkled with digestive enzymes. For her late night dessert she gets plain yogurt with a probiotic. According to the Naturopath, yes a Nautropath for dogs, Olive essentially has a leaky gut and is sensitive to everything, even quinoa... Well everything except the really expensive types of meat; elk, venison, goat, duck, kangaroo…and yes you can purchase all of these items at certain pet food stores.

I have a relative whose dog can be prescribed medical marajuna to help with his anxiety. Or a close friends dog that was given the option to have a vaginoplasty. Yes humans also get this done and is often referred to as vaginal rejuvenation (the dogs situation was medical). Pretty much anything you can do for humans can be done for your dog….crazy pet owners,  we LOVE our pets. When you love someone or something so unconditionally, the pain of them no longer being around can sometimes feel unbearable. You yearn for just one more tail wag greeting, cold nose kiss and cuddle on the couch. Pets are a part of the family and anyone who says otherwise is missing out on one of the best friendships life has to offer.

Could he be any cuter??

Meet Timber, he was definitely apart of a very loving family. He was rescued from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. His human gave him a new loving home for close to 12 years! Unfortunately after many many wonderful years, Timber recently passed away.  I know his passing was very hard for his owner and thought it was time to give a little something back to this kind, generous and loving soul. I have a special place in my heart for rescued animals and those people that rescue them. This week is about community and how when we come together as a group to help one another, a small contribution from many can have a BIG Impact. I reached out to some of her other friends about having a portrait done and they spread the word to others who then also spread the word and in a couple days I had 31 people committed to making a small donation…AMAZING!

Next step was getting the portrait done and I couldn’t think of anyone better than the very talented, Kathryn McPhee, http://www.katmcpheegallery.com/. Her ability to capture the  expression in the face is brilliant and this picture could not have turned out more perfect. Seriously check out her work it is phenomenal.

One last touch before the reveal, I created these adorable little paw cards and those who wanted, put a message of love on the back…because the picture wasn’t going to make her cry enough.

With a little more help, one of her friends met her for ‘lunch’ and just happened to stumble upon a group of her friends with a surprise. A picture is worth a thousand words, that is the look of love. Seeing her happy tears made my heart swell with joy, you could tell in her expression just how much he meant to her and how meaningful this gift was. Just writing about it gives me tingles and makes me love this project even more.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” (Karen Davison). I couldn’t agree more.

The Purse Strings: $12 each…yes that is it!

Just Because…many small acts of kindness can have a big impact.


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  1. You are an extraordinary woman SVarner. I’m honoured and very lucky to be your friend. This, you, and the other 31 including Kathryn 😉 touched me deeply and for the rest of my life. I know that my Timber, up there in doggie heaven, is wagging his tail, smiling and kissing you all because we feel the love, the support and your beautiful souls. Muchas muchas gracias amiga! I love you. Thank you so so so much ❤️

    1. You make my heart smile. I am so happy that we were able to repay a little bit of the kindness you showed Timber by giving him a loving home. The world needs more of you. You are so very welcome and love you too!

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