2. Giving Back at The Pump, When the Gas Prices Jump

2. Giving Back at The Pump, When the Gas Prices Jump

Ahhh, the long weekend is here, 3 days of sleeping in (unless you have a 10 month old who’s wake up time is 5am). You’ve decided to brave the traffic and head out of town,  everything is loaded up and you’re pulling out of the driveway and you look down and see the gas gauge is almost on empty….crap…double crap, the gas prices just went up 16 cents. The worst.

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I think Neil Pasricha, author of www.1000awesomethings.com,described perfectly what happens to gas prices when we get to a long weekend;

“Well dressed fat cats sit around a dark, mahogany table in the boardroom of a nondescript high-rise deep in a dense metropolis on the coast of an exotic country. Anonymous and alone, they sip scotch, share pictures of yachts, and make plans to jack gas prices for the long weekend.”

If you have not read his books or visited his blog, it is a must! There is no way you can get through his work without laughing out loud at least once!

Read this full post at http://1000awesomethings.com/2009/06/01/754-getting-gas-just-before-the-price-goes-up/

It is awesome when you can sneak in before the prices go up but when you miss your window, no ones smiling…except the fat cats. Well to one lucky gas filler, this is where this weeks act of good came into play. I seem to have a collection of gas savings receipts that I forget to use. I had been saving a 12 cents off/litre of gas and thought with a 16 cent jump, this long weekend would be the perfect time to share it!

I figured this was going to be really easy, not so much. It took me three visits to gas stations to give it away!  I had to lurk around until a good opportunity presented itself. My windshield has never been so clean. What I learned is that people are a little skeptical of someone approaching them holding out a receipt and starting the conversation off with; “This is really random but…”. I probably now have my picture up behind the counter with the caption, “Loiterer.” I’ll have to take a temporary hiatus from the Safeway and Shell gas stations by my house.

Average Joes: 1 Fat Cats: 0

FINALLY I was able to give it to a nice young man, who was genuinely happy to be saving some money!  It made all the awkwardness and failed attempts worth it! I could see him from the main road and when I drove past, he was still holding the receipt, it hadn’t been crumpled into a ball. I’m sure he was thinking to himself, “Winning”!

The Purse Strings: Didn’t even have to open the purse. Total cost; Zero, Zilch, Nada, Niente.

Just Because…it feels great when you can give someone a break at the pump, especially on a long weekend.


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