12. These Cookies are the Bomb for a New Mom

12. These Cookies are the Bomb for a New Mom

A Plate of Boobie Bites waiting to be eaten!

What kind of bees make milk? Boobies bahahaha, this joke never gets old. When your a new mom trying to figure out the ropes, the first couple of weeks are REALLY HARD. I remember being sleep deprived and hungry all the time. Considering the 24/7 feeding schedule, feeding a baby takes a lot out of you. I was so thankful I spent 2 weeks baking easy one handed snacks. A lot of my friends became new moms this year so I took on¬†a little project to make some chocolate cashew¬†lactation cookies or ‘boobie bites’. What a great snack that not only gives a boost of energy but also helps with milk production! AND for those that are making them, they are super easy no bake snacks! If you are interested in making these snacks you can check out it out on pinterest https://pin.it/qtpqzhjw7fwb7m

The Purse Strings…Everything I needed to make these treats I already had in my cupboard!

Just Because…Who doesn’t like getting cookies?


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